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Web Weaving
  The Early Years
  Educated Design
  BUILDING DESIGN Client: Drawing Board Atlanta is a showcase in itself. Hired upon a referral, I completely redesigned and updated this website to its full capacity and continue to do regular updates. Art direction, photo management, design and coding.
  MANUFACTURING Client: Atlanta Grotnes
The website for Atlanta Grotnes, a metal forming equipment manufacturer, can be found at "" I took the approved comp provided by the art director, designed the interior page templates and coded the entire site.
  ADVERTISING AGENCY Client: Designasorus
A group of dinosaurs (Madmen) from the Golden Age of Advertising who ditched their careers upon the rise of the computer, reconvened for a another go at it with
Designasorus. I was pulled on board as "computer wizard," took the direction of the art director, and produced this website.
  The Literate Citizen  
The Art of Joel Barr
  Barclay Properties Group
  EDUCATIONClient: Mary Grabar, Ph.D.
A blog site offering an insider's perspective on higher education. Design, stock photo selection, production.
  ARTIST'S PORTFOLIO Client: Joel Barr
Extensive portfolio site for acclaimed painter of oil and mixed media; animation of painting mobile on splash; portfolio of six galleries (pages). Concept, graphic design, production and web updates.

REAL ESTATE Client: Barclay Properties Group
This is a person who had helped me out and I wanted to do something nice for her so I developed this website to help promote her new business.

  The Other White People  
BullzEye Medical
  Ethos-IDS Group, Inc.
  CULTURE Client: Mary Grabar, writer
A blog-site for those who still believe in the American values of freedom, hard work, faith, and self determination; part of a web suite I designed including and Grabar's portfolio site; worked closely with the client in culling vintage photography and stylizing for concept.
  MEDICAL Client: Bullzeye Medical
A return client, this startup company for value-priced stethoscopes called for a logo design, stationary suite, then website design and production.

One-page internet storefront/calling card for Ethos Fuel Reformulator. Produced for west coast distributor
IDS Group, Inc.


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